I4 (1342nm) Series


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    Designed for our customers who require a less common wavelength for specialist applications, the I4 (1342) inherits all the excellent parameters of the I4 (1064).  Single longitudinal mode operation is available at modest power levels with 1 Watt output TEMoo at the top of the range.

    • Compact module utilising surface mount technology
    • Manual safety shutter
    • Fixed output power
    • Integral heatsink or heat spreader plate
    • User interface (interlock, on/off keyswitch etc.)
    • RS232 controllable
    • Active current limit
    • Current feedback mode
    • Auto power up sequence: warmup, current mode
    • Laser diode protection circuitry
    • Monitor following parameters:
      • Diode current limit, diode current setpoint, actual diode current
      • Diode & chipset temperature setpoint, actual temperature
    • Diode on-time LCD hour counter
    • Heatsink overtemp sensor > 50°C
    • Laser-head overtemp sensor > 39°C
    • Status & Diagnostic LED cluster
    • Designed and manufactured in the U.K.
    Model I4-250-1342 I4-500-1342 I4-1000-1342
    Power 250mW 500mW 1W
    Wavelength 1342nm
    Spatial Mode TEM00 M2 < 1.2
    Longitudinal Mode Single Longitudinal Mode Multi Mode Multi Mode
    Noise < 0.5% RMS (typ 0.2%)
    Beam Divergence < 2.5mRad
    Polarisation >100:1 Vertical
    I4 Laser Head I4 Power Supply

    I4 (1342) Datasheet I4 User Manual PSU LED Cluster