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Elforlight Latest News

Elforlight Latest News

High Repetition Rate Visible Optical Parametric Oscillators
We have extended our range of OPO products to include visible output wavelengths, in addition to IR OPO's with Signals tuneable from 1400 to 1800nm, Idler tuneable 2.5 to 3.5 microns. VOPO products cover 450 to 670nm, with idler outputs possible to 2000nm. High repetition rates up to 1kHz enable high speed imaging and spectroscopy. These products are particularly aimed at optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy (OR-PAM).
VISIBLE OPO products
1700nm IR OPO products
MIR 3000nm OPO products
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Elforlight Joins Famos Consortium
Elforlight is proud to be part of the new pan-European biophotonics research & development project. We are excited to partner with world leading research groups to pioneer applications for our products and guide our development of new laser sources.
FAMOS Consortium or Famos Website

2 Year warranties
Elforlight is pleased to offer extended warranties of 2 years on various of our products. This reflects our confidence in the reliability of our lasers to perform for extended periods in demanding environments. Please contact Elforlight or your local distributor for details.
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MALDI with SPOT laser
SPOT lasers at 355nm with repetition rates of 10kHz and above enable high throughput MALDI imaging. Retrofit to existing mass spectrometers such as ABI Q-stars is possible, with interface advice available.
SPOT Products

Photoacoustic imaging with SPOT
Photoacoustic imaging is a powerful imaging technique providing higher resolution than conventional ultrasound. The short pulses and high repetition rates of Elforlight SPOT lasers are proving ideal for microscopic (optical resolution) PA imaging. 
SPOT Products
Our dye lasers, pumped by SPOT or UVFQ lasers, enable wavelength shift to regions useful for blood absorption etc.
Dye Products